This is pie, a podcast about food, by me, Lucy Pepper.

I might be an illustrator/designer/artist by trade and training, but I also love food, the history of food, the reasons for food, the making of food and I love talking about food.

For almost the last 20 years, I have lived in Portugal. When I arrived, in a small town, there was nothing for it but to become enthralled by Portuguese cooking, because that was all there was and, in doing so, I became more keenly interested and aware of what I used to eat in Britain, what I missed, why it was different, and why history had made those two countries the oldest allies in the world without their sharing much knowledge of each other’s eating habits, apart from some myths and preconceptions.

I’ve written three books about or involving much food, “O Livro Das Receitas Nojentas” (G&P), “Eat Portugal” (Leya) co-authored with my pal Célia Pedroso, and “Como Não Morrer de Fome em Portugal”/”How Not to Starve in Portugal” (Objectiva) (google them), so you could say that I’m a teensy bit obsessed with the whole business of eating. I am lucky enough to have a mother who was a professional cook, whose work I consumed my whole life until I left home when I realised too late that I should have been paying attention the whole time. The next few years involved many phone calls home about how to do stuff while I taught myself to cook, challenging myself to do the hard stuff, and keeping two kids alive and fed (see also: phone calls home to talk to veterinary surgeon father about children turning a funny colour).

I make another podcast, called Stories of Saudade which is the twin podcast of Histórias de Portugal. Every fortnight we tell a story, in both Portuguese and English, about Portugal and the Portuguese, stories that people haven’t heard before, through interviews with real (i.e. not the usual celebs) people, and it is a joy to make. 88.75% of the hard work on that is by my friend and co-idiot, Marco António, with whom I have created books, cartoons, moving and still, some serious, some extremely silly. The podcast is our biggest project to date. He is also the one who takes Pie when I have finished editing it, and makes it audibly better.

So there you have it. That is why Pie. I hope you enjoy it.

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